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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by kanpachi, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Thought I would share this, although some of you might think I'm crazy. So I managed to make my 17" MBP super quiet and fast and thought I would share my experiences. I realize in this process that I pretty much threw my warranty out the window, but I don't care since it's expiring soon anyways.

    First of all, for those of you that have issues with a creaking palmrest on the right side of your MBPs, I realized that this was due to the top case coming in contact with the optical drive. So what I ended up doing was removing the optical drive completely. No more creaking or clicking sound. I never really used an optical drive anyways other than to reinstall Leopard and MS Office, but I just blessed an external HD with the former so I could boot from it and copied an ISO of the latter to it before removal.

    Next, I upgraded the (slow) stock 5400RPM HD and swapped it out with a Samsung 32GB SSD drive. There is absolutely no noise now from the HD like clicking and loading sounds and I love it.

    I also noticed some creaking noise coming near the left latch clip (specifically above the IR sensor), so I removed the IR chip and power cord that it was attached to. The power cord was also connected to the chip powering the sleep LED so I removed that as well. That LED always bothered the crap out of me while I was sleeping so I'm glad that the cord was connected to both. This was a much better solution than throwing a shirt over the area or putting tape on it or whatever other people suggest although you gotta be careful not to screw anything up inside the computer since it's difficult to remove given the tight space to work with. Now there is no creaking or annoying LED light.

    So basically what I'm left with is a super quiet MBP with no "excessive" parts (in my opinion) that potentially come in contact with the top case when pressing down when typing as well as lightning fast with the SSD. 4GB RAM also definitely helps keep things spiffy. Things load up super quick now and the laptop is simply a joy to use.
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    If you are not going to be using your computer for a long time (such as while you are sleeping) then you should shut it down. Putting it into sleep mode uses excess electricity.

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