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    Super Selfie: Ground Attack - Free Action Game

    You are in the game. Create your player by taking a selfie and putting it on an avatar body. Then get ready to battle the aliens. Multiple profiles can be created so your friends high score and avatar are save separately.

    Not so long ago in ... well this galaxy ... The aliens have invaded. It is up to you to keep the blue bombers and their pickle minions out of the city. Your powers are limited but will recharge whenever you stop 500 aliens. Additional symbols can be unlocked if you can hold them off long enough. Now go get suited up and good luck.

    Create your player by taking your picture, entering your name, and then choose between multiple bodies and symbols. Also, you can turn the music off if you want to play your own music from another app.

    From the Info page you can read the back story and earn extra shots for your next battle.

    Defend the city or pyramids from the aliens.
    SS_ScreenShot_Game.png SS_ScreenShot_GamePyramids.png

    Earn extra shots (and possibly an extra symbol) with each new high score

    Good luck and Thanks!

    Indie developer
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    Updated with new graphics and symbols. Also, you will earn extra shots with each new high score. You can also earn new symbols based on your high score.

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