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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by jbyun04, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Is that enclosure plastic of aluminum? How would you compare the feel and quality of the enclosure with the MacBook Air SuperDrive (if you've ever handled one)? Also, what is this hack you're talking about? Shouldn't it just work like a normal external DVD-drive without any hacking?

    I'm thinking of putting my HDD in place of the SuperDrive and adding a SSD where the HDD is right now and then putting the SuperDrive into an external enclosure.
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    The spec says "CNC Machined Aluminum kit", the piece that may be missing is the non-slip ring on the underside.
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    Wow. I wonder if the enclosures from eBay are the same. I was almost certain they'd all be plastic, which is made to look like aluminum in pictures. :eek:
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    I went for a caddy from ebay (seller: Nimitz**/ ) and an enclosure from eBay too (seller: notebookeleite ). They arrived from far east to UK in a little over a week.

    The caddy is excellent quality but it's fiddly to fit. You should allow a couple of hours, lots of patience and make sure you have the correct tools. This guide should help

    The caddy is plastic, but it's of very good quality and looks like aluminium until you inspect it closely - a convincing "fake". I am happy with it.
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    Have you ordered or received upgrade from maxupgrades? Im curious about quality
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    Superdrive Enclosure: Thoughts?

    So over the weekend, my 2008 MacBook Pro died. I've already installed the harddrive into a usb caddy, but what are everyone's thoughts on removing the SuperDrive and installing it in an external enclosure? All of the enclosures I've been able to find online are for the newer slimmer models. Anyone have a good source? Perhaps I'm searching it under the wrong term? Some of the older links in this thread weren't linking correctly.

    Also, could a novice do this, or should I take it to an expert?

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    I wasn't aware of different heights for SuperDrives, but the one I used had pegs for different height drives. I suspect all the ones on eBay that look like an Apple external SuperDrive will have been made by the same manufacturer.

    As for a novice - yes, with a bit of patience. If you get stuck, let us know here.

    Bare in mind, since I put my drive in an enclosure, I think I've used it about three times.
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    The page talks about the enclosure/bracket package and seems like a decent deal. Too bad the drive only connects at USB2 speeds. Is a hack necessary if you move the superdrive to an external enclosure? If so, it might be better to spend the money on an external DVD/Blueray combo drive.
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    I don't think that anyone makes a slimline, slotloading IDE enclosure.

    But why the all the hassle if you can pick up a complete USB slimline DVD writer for $18?
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    Feb 24, 2003
    True but I would hate to waste what just came out of the Macbook pro.
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    It is 5 years old, and buying a $24 enclosure for a ATAPI SuperDrive instead of a completely new and faster USB DVD writer for $18 is a waste of money.
  15. Philoman macrumors member


    Feb 24, 2003
    I hear where you're coming from.

    Mine is a SATA interface Super 898A Panasonic, made in 2010.

    Even if I got the USB DVD writer, I would always look at this thing without a case wishing to put it to use...LOL
  16. Giuly macrumors 68040


    The OP said something about a 2008 MacBook Pro, hence the suggestion.
    But if you have a SATA model, there's this enclosure for $13.

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