SuperDrive failed - should I replace or return my iMac?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Galley, Jun 7, 2008.


what would you do?

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  1. Let Apple replace it, possibly with a refurb.

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  2. Return it and buy locally.

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  1. Galley macrumors 65816


    Mar 24, 2008
    Two weeks ago I purchased a 24" iMac from because it saved me $214 versus buying it locally. From day one I have had problems with the SuperDrive reading discs. Apple has offered to replace it. The dude told me the replacement iMac would be removed from the box and thoroughly inspected before it was shipped to me. I'm assuming this means I will get a refurb. I would be disappointed if I get one in a plain white box (even if it's in perfect condition).
    I also noticed a small one-inch scratch on the screen a few days ago. Would you let Apple replace it, or return it to Amazon, and buy one locally (so it could be serviced locally), and pay more. We now have an Apple Store @ Best Buy, and they will be offering in-store service soon. :confused:
  2. bdj33ranch macrumors regular

    Apr 19, 2005
    My suggestion is to let Apple replace it (even if it is a 'refurb' replacement). I intentionally bought a Apple Store iMac 20" refurb. It came in a plain brown outer box. But the inner box was the retail white display box. The original seal on the inner box had been broken and new seal placed over it. I don't know if that would be true in every case. I have never had a bad experience with Apple Store 'refurb' purchases (iMac, iPods, Airport Express).
  3. Darkroom Guest


    Dec 15, 2006
    Montréal, Canada
    they're not going to send you a refurb, you payed for a new one. i don't know why you think that. send it back and you'll be sent a new one.
  4. m1stake macrumors 68000

    Jan 17, 2008
    What they meant is they'd open up a brand new box, make sure everything works, then close it and send it to you.
  5. Willis macrumors 68020


    Apr 23, 2006
    Beds, UK
    its under 1 year warranty. Let Apple deal with it.
  6. Galley thread starter macrumors 65816


    Mar 24, 2008
    Thanks for the info. Amazon's $100 rebate states that once redeemed, the computer cannot be returned. Apple is going to contact me on Monday to arrange the replacement. It's gonna suck to be without a computer for several days, but I can use my iPhone to stay "connected". :)

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