Superdrive not detected under Boot Camp Assistant

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by hajime, Nov 2, 2012.

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    Jul 23, 2007
    Hello, just got the Retina Display MBP 15" and the superdrive. I can see the drive and its content under Mac OS. However, when I tried to install Windows, Boot Camp Assistant says that there is no usb drive. Could anybody please help me to solve the issue? Thanks.
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    Dec 1, 2010
    I installed bootcamp last night and I was confused by this at first as well.

    If your issue is the same as mine, you will need a USB stick formatted in FAT32 so Bootcamp can copy the drivers to the USB stick. You will then use that later on in the Windows side to install bootcamp. It's not looking for the Windows CD at that point in the process.
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    Jul 23, 2007
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Do this to get your Superdrive working again in Windows 8

    1. Run Command Prompt as an Administrator. Type cmd in Windows 8 Metro UI and press cltr+shift+enter

    2. Type following and press enter


    Say Cheese!! :)

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