Superdrive or Combo Drive???


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Jan 5, 2005
right behind ya!
This is my situation now, i decided i want a 12" powerbook. (finally!!! :D )

but now i dont know if i really need the superdrive???? :confused:

the 12" powerbook will be $1,399 w/ combo drive and w/ superdrive will be $1,499

is $100 more for superdrive and 20GB more of HD :eek:

Do u really think i should pay $100 more? :confused:

Thanks :)

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004

You may decide within a few months that you want to burn a DVD, whether it's a backup or anything else...

Without it, you'd have to get an external DVD writer which will cost more than $100. Leave your options open, makes the machine more useful in the long run...

An extra 20gb HD space will come in handy too.


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Jan 24, 2005
Buy what you need.

For the money it is a great deal.

But I am a big fan of buying what you actually need vs. what you think you might need down the road. My only complaint about a lot of advice on this sight (albeit most is really good advice) is that too often people recomend a bigger investment in RAM, HD, Graphics, ect then what most basic users need.

I realized when I was in your same situation, I hardly ever burn cd's, let alone dvd's. Yeah it is nice to have if you need it, truth is alot of people never use their superdrive. It depends, do you really think you will ever use it or miss not having it?
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