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Oct 6, 2014
I ordered a second space black sport early morning of the 10th - got a ship date of "June".

I just checked the website to see if I ordered today when the same model is shipping and it gave the same estimate of "June".

So sure the first could be June 1 and the other could be June 30th, but I found it interesting. I wonder if there is some bottleneck that they think will be resolved in May or June - or maybe not as many people want that particular watch.


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Apr 15, 2015
No Market Fluctuation

I don't think it's either of them. They still showcase the June date because by then, they will be able to enter a cycle of normal production, and cater to orders in the normal manner we see with other Apple products.


Nov 23, 2012
I find this peculiar too. There has been no change in availability dates since the afternoon of the 10th. What happens to all the orders (assuming there were many) that were made after that time? My watch, ordered the morning of the 10th, has June delivery. It seems unlikely that people ordering today would have the same shipment date.


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Jan 23, 2009
I would say this would be expected.

That is:

1. June has many days to ship on.
2. Production is in full swing. Purchases after the initial rush will be more of a constant level rather than a huge surge.
3. Most people who really wanted one placed a preorder.
4. Many people who didn't know to preorder are deterred by the idea of a june ship date.
5. Some people expect to see it in a store before then so they would just buy it there. (Not knowing that there will be no store stock)
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