support for class action to protect email for 10.6?

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    I bought my mac in February 2011, and have plenty of software I regularly use which does no longer exist under Lion, nor do I care much for Lion's features or for Icloud's features. I'm happy with my email and my mac, and don't want to invest a year later in buying again plenty of software, etc. Anyway, I am sure many of you have the same issue being on 10.6.8

    We've all been hoping that Apple will find a solution for us to keep at least our email address past June 30th. Apple sent me today an email saying that my will be terminated soon, unless I upgrade to Lion 10.7.2 or to iOS5.

    Chatting with customer services today, they confirm that many people complain about this, but nothing is done by Apple.

    So my question is, how many people here would be interested in a class action lawsuit against apple in order for us to keep our email address working under 10.6.8? (maybe even on 10.5 and earlier, I don't know however if email addresses still work under those OS).

    Interested in some voting, who cares for email on 10.6.8? Who thinks a class action before June 30th can guarantee our email keeps working past June 30th? Thanks!
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    Here's how to keep without Lion or iOS 5

    Actually, you don't need to go through that hassle. You can actually transition your MobileMe addresses to iCloud and still use your email under Snow Leopard (and earlier) versions of OS X.

    See this Apple knowledge base document. It tells you what you need to know including how to transition your and addresses to iCloud. Neither Lion nor iOS 5 is needed for this.

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