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    I live in Norway and am buying a PB via my brother in LA. I need a Norwegian keyboard, but the $$ saved by buying in the US is huge, so I'll end up with a PB with an American keyboard.

    1) Can I just download support for a Norwegian layout and type as if the keyboard were Norwegian?
    2) Can I just plug in a separate Norwegian keyboard and use it (support??)?
    3) In addition, I study Chinese and need support for imput for simplified characters. On my PC I just downloaded Microsofts free IME and it works perfectly. Can I do the same on my Mac?

    It doesn't matter to me whether the OS is in Norwegian or English, I use both on various computers today.

    All help greatly appreciated!!!!!!! :D
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    i believe everything you need is already included in the operating system. You can switch between keyboard layouts and languages very easily. To change the keyboard layout just go to system preferences. You shouldn't have to download anything. I switch between Eng. Jap. Kor. and Chi. with a simple keyboard short cut.
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    Open System Preferences.

    Select International.

    Click on Edit and scroll down to Norsk and select it, then click Okay.

    You may even change the order of the languages and everything will show up in Norsk too.

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