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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by dwmreg, Oct 23, 2015.

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    I'm seeking a good method for providing support to Macs both on my local area network and over the internet (say at a family members house in another state or other consulting customers). Apple offers some remote tools, but do they work only on LAN connected Macs or also over the internet? AppleCare support employees can remote you Mac over the internet. I'd like to use those tools or others to do the same thing.

    I've tried various commercial products like Teamviewer and that one I won't name that used to be free. The latter was okay, but the former Teamviewer sucks. It's cumbersome to use, etc. I really loath it. Parallels Access is ok, but immature and not very robust too.
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    Oct 16, 2007
    Thanks I know that, but there is very little technical information there. For example, you cannot tell if it only works to connect to client machines on the same LAN or not. Very poor info.
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    I use teamviewer for acsessing my works PC from my Mac. It's always worked well for me other than the crappy resolution.
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    On Messages, provided the other person is using an iCloud account I believe, click on their name and ask them to share their screen. Built right into the OS and simple to request.
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    Nice try! Frequent disconnects.
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    I use ARD to manage local and remote computers. The trick to the remote setup is getting it setup properly. All the remote servers are currently headless. I haven't dealt with humans in quite some time. I used TeamViewer long ago and it had a client you could message or email a user; they would open it and it would connect you. Easy peasy.
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    It uses TCP and UDP.

    But if you need someone to sell you on ARD... just go with VNC and protect the Hell out of that port.
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    This idea consistently without fail keeps saying that the remote user/computer closed the connection when I know they didn't.

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