Supposed wireless fast charger not really doing its job!

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    So I bought a Baseus charger - not the more expensive ones but it has an indicator on how much wattage and amperes it's utilizing. I also bought a QC 3.0 power brick to go along with it because it didn't come with one. And now, this:

    (why can't we upload photos anymore again in here?)

    The photo shows the wattage at 2.0 ONLY! It should be around 7.5 or 7 at least to be considered fast charging for an iPhone Xs!

    Anyway the charging started below 70% so it should be at least on around 5.0? The speed at which the power brick that the iPhone Xs came in? Any idea why this is so? Why the iPhone is refusing to fast charge with this wireless charger? Oh, and we have two of this kind of power charger, and same issue.

    Any leads welcome.

    The wireless charger is a Baseus BSWC-P21.

    Thanks in advance guys
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    Could this be an issue? Usually they only require a wireless receiver for older phones that do not support Qi, yet they list the X at least.

    BTW, Apple does not support Qualcomm’s QC standard, so those devices (bricks, battery chargers, etc)will default to the lowest rate if connected directly to an Apple device. If the Baseus does not support QC, you might need a different brick.

    The ‘upload a file’ button is right below the text box.

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