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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by gman901, May 18, 2014.

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    I was wondering if switching back to an ipad/Air combo from a Surface Pro 2 seems like a bad idea? Here's my dilemma - my wife and son both have the ipad and wife has an imac, son has an Air. My use case is mainly reading, comic reading using marvel unlimited, note taking using One Note, Word/Excel for editing, scanning and printing and light gaming such as Hearthstone and Diablo 3. I really avoid micro transaction games. I have a decent sized app account from Apple that my son uses and I primarily load up my SP2 from Steam. I recently purchased a nice gaming system with a 760 GTX card, so PC gaming is primarily done on my PC. I may be moving soon to a new location for work and traveling back and forth until my home sells. I really like my SP2 because its so versatile but reading comics on it is a pain in the a$$. Its heavy and not the kind of device that's simple to whip out and start using. I have to install Bluestacks in order to get Marvel Unlimited. It works but its kind of clunky to use. Also, in Portrait mode, the viewing area is very narrow. I think the M.U. fills out the entire screen on the ipad?

    Based on all that, does the ipad air or mini LTE 128 GB sound like something that would make more sense for me or sticking to the SP2 would be the way to go? I know asking in an Apple forum may be a little one-sided, but I'm trying to gauge other SP2 users who switched back if they have any buyers remorse.
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    Yes, Windows 8 tablets are 16:9. Great for videos, web surfing and doing things in landscape mode but absolutely horrible for reading in portrait mode. The iPad is 4:3, which is just about perfect for reading comics, books and magazines in portrait mode.
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    I own a Surface 2 and iPad 4. I use both nearly every day. Any benefits/deficits of the Surface 2 apply double to the Pro. I tried to use the Surface 2 as a tablet, but the 16:9 Aspect Ratio kept getting in the way. Too narrow in portrait, too wide in landscape (onscreen keyboard takes up 3/4 of the screen space).

    Using the Surface 2 as an ereader was cumbersome. The greater height in portrait mode made holding it more quickly fatiguing than holding the iPad 4. And whether I was reading vintage comics, scans of vintage catalogs and magazines, or newer ebooks, the aspect ratio again was an issue.

    The connectivity ports on the Surface are fantastic. I love being able to attach my USB devices and simply use them. I could directly connect my Blue Yeti microphone to the Surface 2 and it was immediately recognized and usable. On my iPad, I need to use a powered USB hub and the camera connection kit in order to use it.

    On the flipside, the software for Windows RT is still a sore spot. So although I can connect things like a USB mic, there aren't many options for using it... and definitely nothing like Boss Jock Studio on the iPad. (I ended up purchasing a Samson Go Mic portable which the iPad DOES support)

    I use a logitech ultrathin keyboard cover with my iPad 4. It's a pretty useful setup. If an untethered jailbreak is released for 7.1.1, then I'd JB the iPad and install a bluetooth mouse driver. That would pretty much set me up.

    Printing on the Surface is terrific. It prints easily and with quality to every network printer that I've come across.

    All that to say, only you can best determine which device will work better for you.
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    Thanks! Good information to think about. I may wait and see what the next version of the iPad bring vs. the next Surface Pro. It's hard enough to decide whether to get the Air or Mini Retina. I think the Pro would be a definite keeper for me if it weighed about a 1/2 pound lighter and the screen was a little bigger without compromising the overall size, power and battery life. I do realize it's a better deal for me to stick to the SP2 if I want to have a tablet and ultra portable notebook, plus the screen resolution is much higher than the MBA. I wouldn't want to get just the iPad without a MBA to cover my production needs. I realize I already have that with my current setup. It's the idea that sitting on a coach or outside with a light tablet like the iPad with the best Apps on the market make it so appealing.
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    I'm not a surface pro user or owner but I've played with them in the stores and I'm looking for deals to become one :d

    My totally uneducated take on this is that I view the Surface more of a laptop replacement and the iPad as purely as a tablet.

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