Surface sidelined in NFL

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by jayducharme, Oct 18, 2016.

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    I saw this on CNBC Squawk On The Street today. Jim Cramer was saying that Apple might have a good opportunity to get iPads into the NFL now. He could be right. Then he went on a mini rant about how Apple technology is the only real stuff left in the market. A pretty positive take from Cramer.
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    I'm curious to know how many other coaches felt about the Surface. When they announced this partnership, I had my doubts, as I think sometimes just looking at good old fashioned photographs and working something up on a white board is so much more efficient.
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    That's exactly what Bill is saying. That he likes pen and paper, white boards, etc. Nothing really against the Surface or technology. Not sure how an iPad will be any different in this particular case. Could be.
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    That's pretty much what I was thinking. He'd likely be the same way about an iPad. He says he's done with 'tablets', probably meaning all. And who knows what process is connected behind the scenes for delivering the media.

    Some people- and probably many his age- just don't like dealing with 'new' technology. (And I'd wager most computer stuff is 'new' to him.)

    I've seen it myself- my Dad with GPS devices of ANY type, for example. My Dad would rant and rave and throw a fit the second any GPS was even the slightest bit wonky- which they all can be. (With phones or standalone).

    So out goes any of those "infernal things!" and it's back to paper maps and the Thomas Guide for him. That was what he was comfortable with and no 'new fangled thing!" could replace them. Ditto looking something up in a good old fashioned dictionary, rather than some online tool.

    The surface may work perfectly fine for the task- really... just showing pictures and marking them up? I bet it works fine for that. I've worked with people like him. We still have to burn old fashioned DVD copies of show edits for some of the luddite writers and producers on productions I work on because they just can't wrap their heads around a digital media file they'd play on a computer or tablet. Authoring a freakin' DVD every time with chapter markers, menus etc. every time, while not difficult, is a time-consuming PITA compared to just shooting someone a digital file, but we have to do it.

    There's some schlub in this case who was probably glad to be done with the old way of scrambling to print hard copy photos for this guy on top of everything else they are scrambling to do... but back to that bleak task they go because... "...This infernal machine!!"

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