SurfTube - A New Ultra Fast YouTube Browser for Linux

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    Good news everyone!

    I've devised a new YouTube browser very similar to TenFiveTube called SurfTube, which is essentially just the Surf browser specially configured for YouTube usage, then packaged into a graphically launchable format.

    Screenshot from 2019-06-29 23-53-44.png

    TenFiveTube has met its match; but unlike TenFiveTube, SurfTube on a 2GHz G5 can stream 720p HD video flawlessly in full screen (below image is not the full screen).

    Screenshot from 2019-06-30 00-55-21.png

    Installers for Ubuntu 14.04+ and Debian 8+ are available in The PowerPC Linux Wiki under the Software sector. Give it a shot, even on Intel!
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    That's interesting! I will try it on my old computer (runs Lubuntu, but it's not a PowerPC...)... Look promising!

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