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Discussion in 'iMac' started by iMacLeaner, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Hi, I'm not sure if this is in the right place so please advise if it needs to be moved to another part of the forum!

    I am about to get a new 2013 iMac and I realise that the AppleCare Plan doesn't help out if the computer is damaged by Power surges or ''brown outs''.

    I live in London, in a big tower block and have no idea if surges or under-voltages are going to be a problem. Does anyone know what the best solution to this is? I don't want to pay too much money for this if I don't need to! Something like this protects against power surges but not under-voltages...

    I couldn't find anything to deal with under-voltages, so am I worrying too much??? I'm not interested in getting one of those battery backup devices that help you to shut down safely in the event of a blackout because I save my files regularly and I don't want to spend hundreds just to safeguard changes to a single Photoshop file.. losing a whole computer is my main worry.

    Thanks in advance...
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    Under voltages are (normally) also levelled out by battery backup systems with a built-in line conditioner circuit. You can get a reasonably priced unit for around £65-80. You might want to do a Google search for "line conditioners/plug in/computer". i have an older BackUps Pro 500 that hasn't failed to operate properly in over 7 years of continuous use. Only thing I've had to do is to change the internal battery once.
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    UPS with AVR for peace of mind

    Get a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation), and you will rest easy.

    Low voltage and surges (and power outages) are unlikely to be a much of a problem in London, but for £100 or thereabouts you get peace of mind.

    Where I am now, no one runs a desktop computer without a UPS. Surges, low voltage and power outages are just part of every day life. My first UPS didn't have AVR, and the electrical wiring system in my apartment was not earthed….. I reckon both factors in the early demise of the power supply on my first Mac (and first computer) after about four years. A huge surge left much of southern Thailand without power, and that UPS was cooked.

    I earthed the electric sockets in my apartment, so now use three pin plugs (the same as you do in the UK) I now have a UPS with AVR, which is on to its second battery (they are good for about three years). My second Mac is coming up for five years old, and the power supply seems to be holding up just fine.
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    The iMac's specs say that the AC input voltage range is from 100 volts to 240 volts, so undervoltage should not be an issue if you're on 220v. If the voltage does drop below the minimum, the iMac will just shut down, as in a power failure.
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    Most listen to myths and advertising, and hearsay. Advertising says threats exist. Then recommends their products as solutions.

    drambuie posted the well understood principles. With numbers. Well understood: low voltage is a threat to motorized appliances (ie refrigerator) and not a threat to electronics.

    Same applies to the Belkin. It claims to protect from near zero surges that typically cause no appliance damage. Does not claim protection from typically destructive transients. A destructive surge (typically once even seven years and far less often in your venue) is averted by something completely different that, unfortunately, shares a common name.

    Most recommendations recite advertising that hypes fears to promote sales. Numbers must define every threat and appropriate solutions as drambuie did.
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    I do the same...I bought an APC UPS brand. Check their site to find which one fits your needs...

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