Surge Protector extention Lead with USB?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by NStocks, Jun 23, 2010.

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    I'm looking for a new extension lead for my Mac, Printer, External Hd, and Powered USB Hub, lamp, clock and a few other electronics. I use a 6-way surge protector but the problem is the sockets are not individually switched which means unless I turn it off at the wall, all my peripherals are still turned on (and I don't want to reach to the back of each device to turn it off each day). Some items need to stay on 24-hrs too, which is why I can't turn it off at the wall.

    I've searched the internet looking for an 8-way individually switched surge protector with USB ports but have failed to find one. The closest I've found is a 4-way with USB...

    Has anyone found a surge protector with a built in USB dock/connector in which you can plus all power plugs and usb cords into. (I'm in the UK)

    Thank You :)

    EDIT: I've just realised, if I plus Printer External HDD etc. into the built-in USB on the extnesion, they will not transmit data, they will only charge... I guess that is somewhat pointless unless you only want to charge USB devices. I guess I just need a 8 socket individually switched extension after all
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    They have surge protectors that have some outlets that are "always on" and a main switch that can turn the others off. I'm not familiar with any protectors where each outlet is individually controlled.
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