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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Infinite Jest, Mar 15, 2013.

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    I've had a love/hate relationship with screen protectors on tablets. I went through multiple types and brands of the first tablet I owned (HP TouchPad) including wet and dry application and wound up settling on a naked screen during most of my use of it. I found that I generally hated the soft tackiness of wet application protectors and found that touch sensitivity and clarity were compromised. I bought an iPad three back in October of last year used and it came with what I assume was a zagg protector, the likes of which I immediately disposed of (not to mention it smelled like cigarettes). Since then, I've been going naked until I found a nice, deep, inch-long scratch on the bezel of the display, no doubt from having something trapped against the glass as I was cleaning or something that caught in my Smart Cover. I digress.

    I took a gamble on some eBay protectors k owing they would probably turn out to be garbage, but have been completely taken by surprise by the optical clarity of the material. It picks of fingerprints, but not nearly as much as other cheapies I've had in the past and maintains touch sensitivity pretty well. Also, I was completely surprised by the fact that the protectors didn't exhibit any of the oil slick effect I've seen in even branded dry-application protectors. Finally, the texture of the protector surface provides a very nice glide compared to most cheapies. If anyone is looking for cheap protectors, assuming the seller is relisting protectors from the same batch, I'd say give these a shot.

    Here is the closed listing that I won(they're sold in auction formatand I wound up paying just over $3 for 3 protectors): http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-x-CLEAR-F...kb83KFKiv%2BMnqDywWU%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc#

    Caveat emptor: They ship loose in a manila envelope, so there is the chance they'll be damaged in the mail as one of mine was, but the seller seems fairly amicable in this regard. Also, make sure that before you apply the protector that the pieces of plastic in the camera area have been popped out.

    EDIT: I take back what I said about the absence of an oily look. I was in a different lighting condition tonight and could see a distinct oily pattern on the black background of the bezel.
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    Have you ever noticed any detrimental effect on a screen image of this "oily pattern" (Newton's Rings)? I've never paid more than a few bucks for a screen protector since my Palm Pilot days, and though I can just barely make out some color fringes on the bezel of my mini, I've never noticed any ill effect on an image. I can't say that I've gone on any major mission looking for it, though.

    Just trying to help you tip the love/hate balance a little in the love direction....:)

    Hey, that's some good stuff. Welcome to the forum. :rolleyes:

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    I've had one protector in the past that has produced noticeable distortion in said pattern, but I don't see any issue with this one.

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