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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by FX4568, Apr 16, 2012.

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    If I were to get the 5.1 take classic energy speakers, and get RCA to 3.5mm, plug it in to my Air/iPhone, would they both play through 5.1? or would they only go through 2.1? Also, is there a music format that enables one to force mp3 files to play through 5.1 (w or w/o surround sound)?
    I guess the question is not clear cut, but I just want to know what are some issues on hooking up a 5.1 surround sound into an iphone/MBA.
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    You'd need a receiver/amp which would probably also be your surround sound processor (also required for surround sound) to connect the MBA/IP4 to your speakers. You can't connect the speakers directly. Whether or not you get 5.1 or 2.1 depends on the content and the surround sound processor settings. Most have faux surround options. Not a fan myself. I switch to stereo mode for non-surround content.
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    the item you mention is speakers, and only speakers.

    you need an amp.

    the RCA plugs are for the sub only (the sub is the only part with a built in amp), so you would have bass, and nothing else.

    as far as getting music in 5.1, unless you purchase it that way, you'll never get it. almost all music is stereo. as takeshi mentioned there is simulated surround, where the amplifier looks at the stereo signal and compares the 2 channels, and picks parts of the sound to come out the center channel and other parts to come out the rear (normally the L & R rear channels are combined in simulated). Nothing you can do will make true 5.1.
    and typically, the sound isn't that great, i also never use the simulated surrounded.

    You can get music in 5.1 normally it comes on DTS CDs, but to play them, you'll need a digital connection - either coax (standard RCA cable) or optical (toslink).
    which also means your source will need a digital output, no go for your phone, but the headphone jack on your laptop is an optical port also, you'll need a mini-toslink cable to plug into it.

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