Survival Cell - Biological Attack on your iPad!!!

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    Holderness Media presents Survival Cell for iPad, now available on the Appstore. Game trailers and description below. (Also available for Mac OS X.)


    Survival Cell for iPad on the iTunes appstore

    Survival Cell for iPad Trailer on Youtube

    Survival Cell for iPad trailer on Vimeo




    Survival Cell for iPad description

    You are in control of a newly discovered cell type being studied for it’s strong resistance to bio-engineered disease.

    In Phase 1, your cell is undergoing timed resistance tests, and has been transplanted inside a human test subject who is overwhelmed with infection. The bacteria and organisms you encounter are aggressive but short-lived, the result of generations of inbreeding and genetic modification.
    You must outlive the bacteria.

    Your cell is unusually resilient, with the ability to spawn it's own antibiotic-like defense cells in several forms. As you progress through the tests, your cell can learn new defense mechanisms to survive harsher conditions and attacks.


    * Simple, addictive gameplay is easy to learn, difficult to master.
    * Unlock new defense mechanisms as you progress through levels.
    * Unlock the insanely challenging “critical infection” level
    * Additional levels added with updates
    * Original score by electronic artist The Landwhale


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