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    Jan 27, 2014
    I used to access diagrams on a web based system through internet explorer. To see these diagrams SVG Viewer from Adobe needed to be installed.

    Since moving to a mac I'm unable to access these diagrams and I get the attached error message. Adobe discontinued SVG Viewer for the mac approximately 10 years ago and wonder if anyone has found a solution to this. Is there some alternative software that needs to be installed or perhaps it's a safari setting etc. It's the only thing so far that I haven't got to work on the mac since migrating from windows.

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    A true .svg file should open in any web browser, you don't need special software from Adobe.

    However, it sounds like the files you've saved are not plain old .svg files. What is their extension?

    If they are .svg and you can't open them in safari/chrome by dragging the file from finder onto a new browser window we have to do further inspection...

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