Swan Computers in the 1980's

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    I decided against Swan and bought a Northgate. A 486-DX50. Northgate was a higher quality brand back then. Until I plugged in the Teco monitor they decided to substitute for my Panasonic. We heard a loud snap at the dinner table. What was that? My Teco blew up. So much for my pro-Northgate feelings. The Teco went back (at their expense) and they Fed Ex'd a new Panasonic the very next day.
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    i can't believe u'd actually look at a PCB board and solder.. by hand and expect it to work always
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    I use to work in the tech support of Swan and Taylor was my boss a group of us ended up @ NEC in Mass. when they bought them out. Love working @ Swan had a blast, not so much for NEC, did a year and then came back to PA.

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