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Jan 25, 2014
Mumbai, India
Just bought the AW S2 Nike+ 42 Silver Aluminium with Flat Silver/Volt band. Loving it and want to pair it with the Black/Volt band, and since apple doesn't sell the bands, i'm looking around if anyone is interested in the Flat Silver/Volt.

So, any Nike+ Space Grey owners want to exchange their Black/Volt/Grey band for the Flat Silver/Volt that came with my Nike+?

Let me know.

I'm in the UK right now.


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Nov 20, 2016
Portland ,OR
Some nike+ owners just buy other bands and keep the original band. unless you want an extra 150+ in your pocket which is what the oem nike+ bands are going for. i haven't seen a thread with people selling their unwanted bands I'm sure there is a market for it.
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