Swaping iphone backup from one computer to another.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tjespo22, Dec 19, 2011.

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    My girlfriends phone is backed up to her crappy HP netbook that we always have problems with. I made her an account on my MBP so I want to be able to plug her iphone into this computer and have all of her music, contacts etc.... I remember when I got my MBP I stole the Itunes file from my Ibook and got all of my music, backups etc... Can I do this? If so where do I find the file on her computer? I haven't used Windows in a long time. Thanks:apple:
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    Going from windows itunes to Mac itunes casues some issues....trust me I tried.

    I think the easiest thing in the world for you to do is to turn on her phone, back it up to icloud, actually start a backup by turning wifi on and going into icloud backup and click backup now...then when its done, I'd just plug the phone in the new computer sync it so it marries to the Mac itunes, then I'd open icloud and backup from the cloud so everything is there.

    If anything, backup contacts and music separately, but icloud seems to be a good idea for you at the moment.

    Just remember, backing up to icloud will not backup music...so you will have to backup the music another way....icloud backups are the settings/apps, etc on the phone, including contacts, calenders, and everything....which I find the most important....music I have backuped up on 3 different hard drives, so I will never lose it..
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    As fas as her Media, just use iTunes Home Sharing to transfer over that information from one machine to the another.


    For her Data (Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks etc..), use iCloud to back-up that information, then on your machine just sign in (System Preferences> iCloud) and Merge the information together.
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    OR the easiest way to deal with it is buy your GF a new computer. Then you won't have to deal with it and won't have to bother your friend every time your girlfriend needs to sync.

    OR sync it with your computer so you don't bother your friend. But fins831 has a good idea too.
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    It is my computer... I just made her an account
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    transfer back up

    to transfer your back up all you need to do is locate you back up folder.

    if going from windows to mac then im not sure where to find it on the PC side, maybe someone in the forum can help you with that... BUT for the mac

    you want to locate the back up file to replace. its here

    -home folder ~/
    -applications support
    -folder in there called "mobile sync"
    inside there is your back up folder
    -all you have to do is switch the folder with you back up flder, click yes to replace and thats it

    again, sorry im no good with windows

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