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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by BCS, Jan 25, 2008.

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    O.K. So I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new Mac Pro 2.8 w/8800GT. To replace my Mirror drive G4. So I want to move the second HD in my G4 to my Pro. The drive only contains data files no operating system. Second question is. Will my external firewire drive from my G4 just plug in and play. I did partition it so half is data and the other half is used to carbon copy my operating system hard drive? I just want this switch to be smooth and trouble free as possible. I'm ordering Ram also and was curious who has the best deal going so far. Thanks

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    If I am understanding this correctly, there is only one HD from your G4 and it is an external Firewire drive. You are not moving an internal drive as well.

    If so then yes it should just plug in to your new Macs Firewire port and be accessible. As for an internal drive you would need to add an IDE expansion card.
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    No, I think he is saying he has two hard drives; one internal and one firewire external.

    I believe the new Mac Pros only have SATA connectors, while the MDD Macs are all PATA. If that's the case, then no, you would not be able to just plug your internal drive into the new Mac Pro.

    Your best bet would be to connect the G4 to your new Mac Pro in target disk mode. There's an app or feature on the new Mac somewhere that facilitates moving data from an older Mac to your new one. I would look for that and use that instead.
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    Or put the G4's internal drive into an external case to plug into the Mac Pro.

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