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    Aug 12, 2013

    My family have one iCloud account that we use for all of our devices, including mine and my sister's iPhones, so all of our music etc is synced across our devices. However, my problem is that both my sister and I have bought a new Macbook Air for university and thought it would be a good time to create new iCloud accounts to keep all of our things separate from now on. Is there anyway to transfer our music/apps from our old account onto our MacBooks and then keeping it once we connect our new accounts? I am also looking to use iMessage on my laptop, but my phone is currently attached to the old iCloud account, so won't let me use the new iCloud email as a recipient/sender option without getting rid of the iCloud on my phone, and all of its messages. Is there a way to transfer the messages (and email account?) from one iCloud account to another? I am also worried that if i do sync my iPhone to the new account I will lose my apps?

    Please can you let me know if I have made any mistakes above, and what I can do to solve my problems. Thanks.
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    Music isn't tied to an account, since it doesn't have any rights management. So that can be copied to each machine easily. For the apps, you can log into the app store with your common account to download and update the apps you have now, and then log out and back in with your new accounts to purchase and update new apps.
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    Aug 12, 2013
    Thanks a lot! Would you happen to know about my problem with iMessage?

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