Swapping SIM card & messages not coming through?

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    Oct 12, 2014
    Hi there,

    My iphone 5 screen has gone dead - but I can still hear messages & calls coming through ((i have tried resetting etc).

    My question: I have tried swapping my SIM into my friends I phone to see my messages, but they are not coming through?

    Does anyone know, how I can access those messages?

    thank you,
  2. rigormortis, Oct 12, 2014
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    Jun 11, 2009
    in the old days - 8 b.i.p. in the united states calendar (before iPhone har har har har yak yak yak ) text messages were stored on the sim card! no more

    if you put the simcard into a different phone you only get the new text messages delivered, you don't get the old ones

    if you stick the sim card into a iPhone and sign up that iPhone on iOS 8 , you might get your past messages. I've seen this, and my other iOS 8 devices seem to get past messages now. with iOS 7 only new messages delivered to a new device were delivered.

    but there is no way to have real SMS text messages re-delivered.

    how to access your messages.

    im afraid you will have to get your phone fixed.

    I'm sorry to bring you bad news

    you have two choices. you can have someone replace the screen, if thats possible.

    or you can buy a new iPhone or have your iPhone replaced at the apple store.

    if you back up your iPhone to iTunes and replace it, and restore the old backup to the new iPhone, your text messages will be moved over. once you backup your iPhone and replace it, make sure you de-activate find my iPhone, and erase the iPhone. an iTunes backup backs up all SMS and iMessages

    i would not expect an iCloud backup to preserve your text messages. you will need iTunes.

    with iPhones with imessage it is recommended you log out of iCloud before turning off find my iPhone and erasing the device if your screen won't work you can still erase and remove the iPhone from the website www.icloud.com

    this ensures that apple won't keep trying to send iMessages to the phone

    if at all possible. back up the iPhone in iTunes. and restore your back up to a new iPhone, check to see if your messages got moved over ... before erasing your old iPhone and turning off find my iPhone
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    Jun 11, 2009
    advice about backing up to iTunes

    tell it to back up apps - or right click on the iPhone and click on "transfer purchases" this will make sure all the apps in your iTunes library on your computer are up to date

    encrypt your backup - this will ensure all app passwords, and your iPhone's secure keychain, will be restored to a new iPhone. the secure keychain holds all your app passwords, website passwords, and wifi passwords. this is less important now that we have iCloud keychain, but it is still a good idea.
    never forget your backup password

    if you do not encrypt your backup, the secure keychain can only be restored to the current iPhone. a new iPhone won't get the keychain


    if you never backed up the iPhone to iTunes before and the screen prevents you from entering the code to unlock your iPhone - and the screen can't be replaced
    i'm afraid your stuck.

    if you want to get all your text messages off that phone your going to need iTunes.

    if the phone was backed up to that iTunes library before, then it will know how to unlock your iPhone and it will back it up and you are okay to go

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