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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Eduardboon, Mar 21, 2018.

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    So I don't sweat a lot, but my hands to get "sweaty" pretty quickly. This has been an issue with most Apple products over the years, since my hands and fingers tend to leave whitish smudges all over the screen that don't really wipe off easily (and can even feel textured if you leave them on too long). On phones I need screen protectors to make them feel smooth and on tablets I have to just stop using the device because it feels like I'm using naked glass. I can also very clearly see my fingerprints even with the screen on. It sucks.

    Are there more Macrumors users that suffer from this problem? The screen doesn't feel smooth and sometimes you leave waterish residue, even though your hands feel dry. What do you do to combat this issue?

    Someone recommended baby powder, but I kinda not want to rub that stuff all over my screens.
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    Not sure where I saw it but two guys invented a solution to this medical problem. It is a medical issue. If you have not googled it try and see if you can find it but they say that both their hands and feet would sweat like crazy until,this liquid was applied. Good luck.
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    I've tried monster cleantouch because they claimed it would make the screen smoother but that didn't work.

    I went back to the store to check on the demo units and realized that every iPad with an anti reflective coating doesn't feel smooth. The only iPad that felt smooth to my fingers was the normal iPad 2017. Interestingly the 12,9" was a bit smoother than the 10,5.

    I also ordered some toddy smart cloths so I can at least wipe prints off the screen. Even if someone else used the iPad I can clearly see fingerprints and smudges even with the screen turned on.

    If there were quality protectors for sale that someone else could put on for me I would definitely go that route. But nothing except clearplex film is available in my area or liquid protection. Both of them require the destruction of the oleophobic coating on three screen so I'd rather not go that route.

    Oh, I also don't have this issue on the iPad air 1. It keeps cleaner and I can actually use Swype on aboard without any problem. Wish my pro was just as smooth
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    iPads and iPhones are touch devices so finger prints are par for the course. I don’t know if there is a cure but sweaty hands I guess are normal for some people. I have a tempered glass screen protector over my iPads real screen.
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    If the screen want so rough I guessed it wouldn't be this big of a problem for me.

    Edit: just bought the tech link "this cleans" bundle at the ASP. It comes with a spray that cleans and an antimicrobial microfiber cloth. After cleaning the screen (which was not as easy as I had hoped with this cloth) the screen felt way smoother. The spray leaves a little antimicrobial layer on the screen which makes gliding a lot easier. You can't see that it's applied. It reminds me of Whoosh. I have actually tied this entire edit on the Google Swype keyboard in portrait mode, that's how good it works, since I previously couldn't write a word with this keyboard. I think I won't be going with Swype a lot though, since your friends fingernail his the screen a bit too much for comfort. I know the screen can handle that just fine, but I don't want to risk it work sand and dust.

    One problem solved, now onto how to keep the screen from being a dust magnet when closing the smart cover

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