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    Found a couple of apps for Android devices both phone and and tablet. This first one is really awesome.

    If u were a jailbreaker with the iphone, this may look very familiar, but a lot more is involved here.
    Download a free app called Cool tool - system stats by Deviantstudio. As you can see from the below photos (it is the orange text at the top middle of the screen), it allows you to display system stats in both graphical and text. But here is where it gets good. You can move this anywhere you want. You can display nearly any setting. Alter colors, use only graphs, change the names and how things are displayed. These pics are from a tablet, but I have this on my phone as well. I just limit the amount of data to fit in a smaller amount of space. It is a free app AND it is also available for Amazon Fires.


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    FloatnSplit Tablet Keyboard by A.I.Type which gives you a full version of the app to try for 18 days. If you want to keep it, it is 4 bucks. It works like most keyboards, with predictive text, a thumb keyboards and a regular keyboard (and of course special keys and design your own colors), but it also has floating keyboards with transparency, if you so desire. Keys can be made bigger or smaller, further apart or closer together. A lot of options. I really like having arrow keys built in to my keyboard. It is a really cool keyboard. See the pics below.


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    For the love of god and everything holy, change that awful blue text to white! I can barely see it on my Nexus 7!
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    Seriously just use the default font.

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