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Apr 12, 2001

Apple yesterday announced 350 winners for its Swift Student Challenge, the prize for which is an exclusive WWDC20 jacket and pin set. Today, some of those winners have begun sharing a look at the jacket and pins on social media (via 9to5Mac).

Images via @ChainReactGames

These students were tasked with creating an interactive scene in a Swift playground, which could be experienced within three minutes. Winners of this challenge now own a jacket that imitates a plaid design created with emoji, as well as pins of various emoji and Apple iconography.


In previous years, the winners would also have received free admission and accommodations for WWDC in San Jose. Because the event is being held virtually this year, these winners will also gain access to one-on-one developer labs with Apple engineers next week.

Article Link: Swift Student Challenge Winners Share Photos of WWDC20 Jacket and Pins


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Sep 30, 2019
lol imagine winning a coding contest and knowing you get a free bomber jacket from Apple, a company that has repeatedly shown they have some of the best designers in the world. And then you get that jacket. All they had to do was slightly spice up an Apple logo and the jacket would feel really exclusive since WWDC is digital-only and so no one else will be getting these.

Then again, what am I really complaining about...


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Oct 5, 2008
Assuming the pins were designed and produced before they cancelled the in-person event, it could also be in reference of how cold the convention halls are.
Naw, those copy machines in that new Apple spaceship are fast! They saw my post yesterday and rushed to make it happen. I'm joking.

But, I do wonder why that emoji. It could also be in reference to "cold" as in "you're cool."


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Mar 31, 2011
Apologies to the older crowd here, but I showed that jacket to my very stylish 14 year-old daughter and she freaked out about how awesome it is and she badly wants one. Remember that this contest was for students, who tend to skew in the teens-early 20's age group.

Of course that's where Timmo is aiming, pseudo-productive teens with tablets and pens and animojis.


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Jun 25, 2008
I guess I've been doing this too long - writing code for Apple stuff since 1985. I still have my nice messenger bag from WWDC 2006.
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