SwipeHead - a pathfinding logic puzzle

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by LeanneSari, Jan 30, 2010.

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    SwipeHead is starting to gain momentum with sales in 8 countries, a couple of strong reviews and some great user feedback. I'm excited and anxious to keep the ball rolling and get the word out!

    What they're saying:
    “…I can just say one thing about SwipeHead: buy it!...” by Torbjorn Kamblad of Sweden for TouchGen (http://www.touchgen.net/games-roundup-january-2010-part-1-of-2)
    “…a puzzle thriller…” by Yoyo for iPhoneFootprint.com (http://www.iphonefootprint.com/2010/01/swipehead-is-a-puzzle-thriller-on-the-iphone/)

    “A completely unique and gratifying experience...” by TheSporkWithin (US App Store, TouchArcade)
    “Interesting concept, intriguing game...” by Secondtime (US App Store, TouchArcade)
    “Totally Unique Brain Teaser...” by DringDring (Canada App Store)
    "...great for...anybody with an active mind that likes to be challenged" by foxinsocks (UK App Store)

    Promo Codes are listed in the Code Subfolder. Let me know if you need more!
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    Facebook Fan Page

    Forgot to mention...join SwipeHead's facebook fan page (search SwipeHead and you'll find it), spread the word, play the game, and WIN iTunes gift cards!

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