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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Bawstun, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Jun 25, 2009
    I've been all over the map over the past 7 years of having a cellphone. I've kept the same number (ported numerous times) but my latest stupid decision was to leave AT&T because of two EXTREMELY BAD (over 3+ hours each time on hold/talking, etc.) customer service. I had the iphone, was loving it, but just couldn't handle the lack of customer service/respect, so I ported to Verizon for the Droid.

    Got a new job, and low and behold...no service in the workplace. Can't make calls, can't text, can't anything. At first I didn't care, but 6 months later it's REALLY starting to bother me. T-Mobile has great customer service but crappy phones (other than the Nexus One) and so I'm considering switching BACK to the iPhone 3GS that I sold in the first place.

    Is it too soon to the new upgrade to do it? Have there been any concrete evidence of what the new phone will sport that the old will not? The only thing I'd really pine for would be a flash for taking pictures.

    As a follow-up...do you think the price would be lowered AT ALL if I were to get a 3GS right now, and then spring for the newer model when it's released? Or would I end up paying the full $499/599 price without any discount?

    I'm confused, but I really, really hate having no service on Verizon while at work. (granted it's only at work)
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    If you switch now you will probably have to pay full price when they new iphone comes out in 4-5 months.
    But you could always sell your 3GS and update to the new one if you want.
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    The new iphone is coming out in june which is less than 3 months away. I would recommend that you "try" various phones to see which one suits your fancy until the new iphone release. You could start with the AT&T nexus, switch to the T mobile nexus, and then go for the AT&T iphone. That way you'd be set up for the next iphone launch. They may even give you a free upgrade if you're in your 30 day period.
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    Jun 25, 2009
    Long story short; I ported back to AT&T with a $0 deposit, surprisingly. I mean, I paid my ETF and last month's bill on time and everything. I guess I was just surprised they'd take me back as a customer so willingly with no deposit, oh well, I was happy :D.

    Paid my $350 ETF to Verizon. Actually, I paid $175. I plan on fighting their hike to $350 to the fullest. That is absolute crap, and IMO should be downright illegal. That's damn near half a thousand dollars when they've already got you sucked into a 2 yr contract. It's not fair to consumers or to other cellphone companies.

    So I'm back and content with my 3GS. After mistakingly trying various Android phones I can honestly say this is the best phone the mobile world offers at the moment. Sure, the Droid had a better camera - but the shutter lag and save time were MUCH, MUCH worse. Sure, it had a flash...but again, a 5-second wait time. It's a trade-off. There will always be options that one phone has that another doesn't, but overall I'm satisfied with the 3GS and waiting until the new iPhone comes out and selling the 3GS/upgrading to new.

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