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    Hi Guys,

    I want to switch to ATT because I want to get the iphone. Here is what I need info about. My wife and I both have verizon. My wife got her Verizon number from Chicago and it was under her sisters family plan 3 years ago, she then moved to Delaware and has changed her billing address to Delaware and is not longer under the family plan, she is on a month to month. I will get a new number from ATT since I live in South Dakota and I got my number from verizon. My wife wants to keep her number but I am not sure if she can port her number to ATT since her number is from Chicago not from Delaware. Does anyone know if she can port her number to ATT in delaware.
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    Nov 21, 2008
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    If she wants to keep her old number, have her get her phone first. Give ATT the old address, where she was when that number was assigned to her.

    As soon as the activation is complete, go to the ATT website, and update the address with the current info. You can do this immediately--Nothing will get sent to the old address if you do so.

    Now, get your iPhone, and you can get a local number.
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    You shouldn't have to jump through these hoops. You should be able to keep your number by just having them port it.
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    I had once asked a att rep about porting the number and they said that since she has a chicagonumber they cannot port it, since they can only port numbers from another carrier within the same state. If I do what you guys said to port her number in chicago and change her address later, they said that it will be considered roaming and the service will get disconnected if the roaming is more than 50%.

    With these options it is very frustarting for me to not be able to get the iphone, one would think that these companies would make it easier on the consumer but they are making it harder with few choices.

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