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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by roland.g, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Apr 11, 2005
    Been with AT&T for 8 years since the original iPhone but 2 years ago I bought an iPad Mini Retina w/ cellular LTE on Verizon because I knew that Verizon had better coverage in the Colorado mountains and wanted to be able to use it on the drive up skiing/boarding in the winter.

    My wife and I have always been on off years for upgrades, so one of us was always under contract when new models came out and this year isn't any different as last year I bought the 6 Plus and she still has her 5. However, she is ready for a 6 or 6S as her battery life has finally tanked.

    I was all set to get her a 6S on next and change from her 3GB plan and my grandfathered unlimited to a Mobile Share Plan. I would be charged the higher price of $40 per month for my device while hers would be $25 plus the phone installment. And yet we would still save money.

    But then I thought about switching to Verizon. She could get a 6S, I could get a 6S Plus and with both phones smartphone charge, my iPad Mini joining the sharing instead of paying a separate data charge, and 6GB of data (we never use more than 3-4 between all three devices) I would be paying around what I pay now. AND THAT INCLUDES THE EDGE PHONE INSTALLMENT PORTION TOO!!

    So I am considering ordering two new phones for Verizon tonight and switching from AT&T. One of the big reasons I didn't switch generations ago besides the off cycle upgrades we have is that before Verizon iPhones couldn't do Voice and Data but I think that changed with the 5 or 5S.

    Any reason not to do it?

    I do have a $215 ETF with AT&T but Apple replaced my 6 Plus a week ago because it was an early production model with the recall camera issue, so it is mint right now. Once I pay the ETF, AT&T has to unlock it for me, and I can probably get $400-$550 for it. It's a white and silver 64GB 6 Plus.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'd really like to know whether the move to Verizon will be a good idea.

    Also, would you go with the Verizon Edge or Apple iPhone Upgrade Program?
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    Jul 16, 2008
    I'm switching back to Verizon tonight after a year of poor service with AT&T. Colorado Springs area here.

    None of the carriers are amazing in Colorado based on my experience. As I'm sure you know, terrain causes LOTS of issues with cell signals. That said, AT&T routinely drops 5-10% of my calls that go over 30 minutes and that's with 4+ bars of signal at my home! I never dropped calls with Verizon if I had sufficient signal.

    Also, Verizon allows simultaneous voice + data ONLY if you enable VOLTE (they call this Advanced Calling). The caveat is that calls cannot be handed off between LTE and non-LTE (1x voice network) due to the network infrastructure Verizon uses. So if you are driving and on a call and end up in a weak LTE area, the call will drop. Eventually, everything will be LTE but I have no idea how far off this is in reality. As I understand it, Verizon still has a lot of "holes" in the network without LTE.
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    My concern with voice and data is using the phone in the metro area and using a maps app or checking info from an email. Typically I am either at work or home on WiFi too when on the phone but sometimes I am driving.
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    Mar 23, 2012
    Yep, advanced calling works great in strong coverage. Lots of dropped calls though if in weak area.

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