SwitchEasy AirMask for iPhone 6/6+

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by iphoneuserinyyz, Nov 6, 2014.

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    Don't buy Airmask

    DON'T BUY AIRMASK. I purchased 2 out these from Taiwan and I hope this company will give me a refund and pay for the shipping cost. First off, don't let it's advertisement fool you. It said it's tough. Tough on where? The screen scratches so easily, I've already used up the 2 that I bought on the same day I received it, not to mention I stupidly believed its advertisement and removed my glass protector. Secondly, both screens comes with small scratches on it already. I used to use glass protectors since Iphone 5. When I saw it said it's tough with 3H hardness. I was a bit weary but bought it anyway. But it also said it's resistent to keys and coins. That's total BS. Don't buy it or you will regret it.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    You sure yours wasn't a fake?

    Switch easy are a pretty good company imo
  4. pocketdoc macrumors 6502a

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    I bought mine from the company itself. There are what they say they are. Thin protective case that covers the whole phone. I don't believe they say they are glass or stronger than glass. The web site says 3H.

    My screen scratched, so I contacted SwitchEasy and they promptly sent me a replacement. No questions asked.

    It is very thin. I wish they had a black front and a stronger screen protector.

    Otherwise, it is very thin and covers the front and the back.

    Their idea of including the screen and case together is a clever way to cover the screen and keep the curved edges of the phone.
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    Dec 27, 2010
    Yes, I pre-ordered it

    QUOTE=Pez555;20524724]You sure yours wasn't a fake?

    Switch easy are a pretty good company imo[/QUOTE]

    No, I pre-ordered it through the company. I'm just glad I bought it through paypal. I undernstand Switcheasy has to do business and I don't want to put them down like this, but the truth is the truth and they have to come up with a solution. I pre-ordered it in November and received an email that told me it was sent out on Dec 2nd, 2014. I filed for refund on the day I received it on Dec 23rd, 2014. (We don't have holidays off during Christmas time. Beats me why it took so long to get here.) I was so happy when my wife told me the Air Mask arrived and couldn't wait to get home. When I opened the package, I was very disappointed but nevertheless told myself what the hell, give it a try. Okay, so I removed my glass protector that's been on and threw it away since the 1st day I received my Iphone over a month ago. I saw some light scratches on it and thought it must of been something I didn't remove clean. So what the heck. The thing is, the screen showed up with so many scratches I couldn't even count and the scratches was made by just putting the phone in my jean. Unless you don't mine having scratches on your screen, then buy it. Or else I loved the idea and like the anti-slippery feature on it. The company was nice enough to refund me and I'm super glad I bought it through paypal without esclating it to a claim. They really have to solve this 3H toughness thing or a 2 year guarantee I believe that was advertise is gonna hit switeasy pretty hard.

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