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    There was a lot of anticipation and excitement about the SwitchEasy canvas case for the new iPad.

    There was also a subsequent amount of criticism and complaints about problems with the case once it was finally shipped.

    I count myself as one of the people that raise awareness and excitement about the case and then was also pretty quick to point out the flaws and faults of the case. I now feel that my initial expectations were unrealistic and that it's a good case for a lot of people and maybe a great case for some but definitely not the perfect case a lot of people were hoping for.

    I thought it might be interesting to have a thread for those to express what improvements or fixes they would like to see in the case because, speaking for myself, I feel as though if a few things were fixed or changed it could be the perfect case. It's easy to sit back and complain about problems about this case (pointing at myself ) but I can't imagine how hard it is to design the perfect iPad case. So rather than just being negative I thought it might be helpful to point out some potential improvements and get others to add their suggestions since so many people were excited about this case.

    (I should still point out that, in my opinion, this isn't a "bad" case. If you think it might be great for you I would, personally, recommend giving it a chance. I would hate for this thread to leave a potential buyer thinking there are more problems with this case then there are good aspects.)

    So here is my list of things I would like to see improved – in order of priority.

    1a) Typing position – in my opinion for any case to be "perfect "or even "near perfect" you have to have a solid reliable typing position. Over time the folding mechanism of the case gets very flexible and what started as a typing position ends up being your screen laying flat on the case at a very, very slight angle. I believe the original canvas case for the iPad 2 featured a fold or bend in the back that provided a reliable typing position. I would love to see this or some other solution provide a reliable typing position.

    1b) Upright stand mechanism - the rubber stoppers used to prop up the case in various upright positions seem to not work very well. Perhaps if they were made from a "grippier" or softer plastic or if the surface design of the inside cover was different this case would work better. Or, although it doesn't look as "slick" I would be fine with a solution like the iPad 2 version where there were indentations that provided a solid place for the iPad to sit while in one of a limited number of standing positions. Whichever solution used have been a lot of complaints about how poorly the current canvas case provides for standing positions so this is at the top of my my list.

    2) Magnets – any case for the new iPad needs to have reliable on/off wake/sleep magnets. Additionally, I love that this case uses magnets to keep the lid closed rather than a latch or elastic or any other less elegant solution. That being said, make sure magnets are placed correctly and strong enough to keep a lid closed as numerous users have reported issues.

    3) Smell - there have been a lot of comments about the strong plastic smell that comes out of the case winding opened. Hopefully there is some way to address this or perhaps the issue goes away as inventory sits in the warehouse and some of the odor has a chance to dissipate prior to shipment.

    4) Better external case material - I for one - loved hearing the name "canvas" case because I thought the exterior would be made from actual canvas or something similar. I love the idea of "natural" (I.e. not plastic) materials in cases and in fact would happily pay $15 or $20 more for this case if it were say in leather. Obviously there are cost and durability issues with natural fabrics so I don't have an issue with it being a synthetic material but mine just feels kind of cheap and plasticky. It would be great if the case featured something on a staircase feel that was more unique and less plasticky feeling.

    5) Velcro - I haven't run into any issues with the Velcro on my case yet but a number of other users have complained about it eventually wearing out either with their new iPad canvas case or the previous generation canvas case. While there is no obvious alternative that I can see, for this case to be "perfect" I think there needs to be some approach to keep the ipad cradle connected to the case other than Velcro.

    Things I love about this case -- I should also throw in my two cents on the things I love about this case so that any changes to fix issues don't step on the toes of some of the things I love about the case.

    1) I absolutely love the half shell "cradle" that you snap your iPad into. For me this is the hallmark feature of this case. I can't stand some of the other techniques folio cases use to keep your iPad in the case -- weird rubber stoppers on all four corners, a big ugly leather frame that covers the bezel, cheap elastic bands that snaps across the bezel, or weird prongs that grip the case in random places along the sides... I think the canvas case gets it perfectly.

    2) Multiple standing positions are great (when they work). I like that I have the option of a high/media/low upright position.

    3) General fit and finish – while I am not a fan of the exterior plasticky vinyl material I do appreciate that everything is sewn together great and well constructed. Add to this category the covers that snap into the dock connector and audio jack – a stroke of genius that really, REALLY gave the case a great polished look.


    I think a lot of the disappointment around things SwitchEasy got wrong with this case is because they got so much almost right which results in a high level of "so close but yet so far" frustration.

    I, for one, would LOVE to see an improved version of this case that addresses all of these issues and would not only lineup to buy it myself but sooooo easily and strongly recommend it to others in a way that I (sadly) can't quite with the current iteration.

    Can anyone else think of things they would love to see fixed with the current SwithEasy Canvas case? Or maybe even specific thoughts on how to fix them? And also things you love about the case and wouldn't want to see changed? I for one would be super bummed if they solved the Velcro issue but to do so no longer used a polycarbonate shell to hold on to my iPad, etc.
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    I just want the iPad 2 canvas for the new iPad.

    -I miss the typing position
    -I miss the latch.
    -I miss the 3 slots that kept the iPad at different viewing angles.

    Once again the canvas for the iPad 2 was perfect, I wish switcheasy never redesigned the case. When the speck magfolio comes out I will give it a shot. So far the magfolio looks great on paper.
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    To me, the weak velcro is the only problem with this case. My concern is if I hand in the iPad to someone and the iPad will slip out of hand due to unexpected flipping of the cover.

    For the rubber stoppers not sticking enough to hold the stand in a number of certain positions, it doesn't bother me as the iPad does have some weight and it is normal to have some unusable positions --- the number of usable positions out-number the unusable ones.

    Despite the perception of going groove-less in the new design, it does have some micro grooves to do the trick. I use the micro-grooves as a guideline to land the rubber feet and it works most of the time.

    Note the pattern of the micro fibre material inside the cover, I compare the pattern of my Canvas with my wife's and surprisingly they are exactly the same -- the pattern stop at the same time for all the edges at the same time.. you know the circular pattern come from a big sheet consisting of repeated patterns. Somehow it is very consistent among the three that I have (mine's original and replacement + wife's original). Glad that SwitchEasy paid that kind of attention.

    For the material, I don't think it cheap. I think it is something to do with perception of materials. In fact I prefer this material over any leather as leather tends to absorb human oil and over time it may become shiny.

    EDIT: Besides, on the actual SwitchEasy packaging box, it says "Coated Canvas" and in fact it feels and looks similar to what is offered by InCase Coated Canvas bags and sleeves.

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