Switcheasy Colors case (or other soft cases)? (4G)

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    I'm considering getting a "rubbery" kind of case for my iPod Touch 4G. I already have it wrapped in Phantom Skinz but I believe it's prone to peeling off and besides I'd love to have a better, softer grip around the iPod. I especially dislike the volume buttons placement and a rubber case (nobody seems to have them) or "rubber-like" (silicon rubber seems to be the only "soft cases" around as far as I can see) would probably be ideal for me.
    The Phantom Skinz is still useful as it'll prevent the back of the iPod to get scratched inside the rubber/silicon case (I've heard other owners say that dust, grime and lint almost always gets in through whichever case you use, causing a "grinding" and hence scratches on the silvery side of the iPod).

    Anyway, I'm considering the Switcheasy Colors case. Does it fit the iPod well, feel good in the hand (slightly soft, grips better etc.) and what about the "jellybean" home button? I worry that it might be pressed on its own when inside a pocket and that the inner side of that "jellybean" will cause scratches to the iPod's own home button (unless the button is also made of soft rubber).
    If it's no good -other suggestions for rubber/rubber-like cases?

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    I was originally going to get this case until my friend told me about his experience with it. He complained that the jellybean home button sticking out caused the device to turn on when it was in his pocket, he ended up removing it. Then he was complaining about the case was very lose and also attracting dust and lint from his pocket.

    After hearing his complaints I went with a TPU case which is more firm, fits snug, doesn't attract dust or lint, and has a good grip. Also the fit lets me keep a screen protector with no problems. ;)
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    Hmmm... that's what I was worried about (even though it looks pretty cool) :(
    A little Google searching for TPU tells me that it's a certain rubber type material: which brand/model case did you go for?

    A shop around the corner from where I live sells a Puro soft case which seems pretty nice, but I have no idea how well it fits the iPod. Anyone here have it?

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    Apr 28, 2008
    I actually love the one I got but did a lot of reading and research first. Not to mention all the reviews on Amazon were very positive.

    The one I got was a TPU case from MiniSuit. It is black but translucent so you could see through it. The back has a circular design that makes the Apple logo on the back stand out, you can also see the details of the iPod through the case such as the GBs and probably even any engraving you might have. I have no complaints wtih the case at all.

    Oh and I paid $15 including shipping fees to Canada.
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    Nov 6, 2008
    I use switcheasy - quite happy with it. They often have recalls or bad shipments but good CS makes up for it.
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    Westland, Michigan
    I have the switcheasy colors case (use the rebel though) it definitely is a nice case of that style. All the buttons are covered and way easier to press. I'd go with it, it's 15 bucks and comes with extra stuff.
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    I have a belkin grip vue case (which is tpu) and it's really nice. Grippy and doesn't lose shape as much as silicon cases
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    Oct 7, 2010
    I have the incipio dotties.
    I really love the case. Saved my iPod from a five foot drop.
  9. jojoB macrumors newbie

    Apr 11, 2011

    I had a TPU case which i got from a friend. It's really durable, i am using the same case for 2 years now, no planning of having a new one at this moment. southdashpak(dot)com

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