iPhone 11 Switched from 8 Plus


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Jan 1, 2020
I was living with my 8 Plus 64 GB Space Gray, passed my warranty(was 2 years), changed battery 2 times(one for free) and I was handling money for 11 Pro. Then my screen got little cracked after 1 years of not protector usage and this was final for me to switch without making the phone worse by second held by damaging more. I switched to Green iPhone 11 128GB model and my opinions are below:

  1. The phone does not feel less size to me even that I felt that on 11 Pro when holding.
  2. Screen doesn't changed for me as I went from 1080 to 720, it's very good.
  3. Speaker is so much better from 8 Plus, I don't exactly remember tech specs for the difference, but it feels a lot better.
  4. Camera's are so better, especially night mode and front face Cam. I have photos to compare on front selfies and It's like, jumping to sports car from standard car.
  5. I loved the color, I could not see myself on green phone, but now I'm in love. Using clear case.
  6. FaceID literally saved me from TouchID! I am a sweaty hand person and touchID was giving me errors when I touch 80% of usage, FaceID works flawless.
  7. I shamed some apps that looks cool to not having optimization on that phone. As a developer, cmon man! It's been 2 years of adoption to this sizes...
  8. In my location(Turkey), bank apps use their own Eye-Lock to open and not FaceID. That's a shame since FaceID is much more better than their low quality security. I hope this is not same on global banking apps, it's this here and sucks...
  9. Battery seems really that 2 hours better than 8 Plus on my usage since yesterday.
  10. I can sometimes press down there where home button was there, but I am so lucky to get used to swipe actions quickly.
  11. I will miss 3D touch about being faster than haptic and also where I could hard press anywhere on keyboard, not just press key.
After all, I am not regretful to not choose 11 Pro Max (money wasn't that available and oled does not come to my eyes different than led).I love that phone and I believe that it's a beast to use it like me as a heavy phone user. Oh and, corners does not make me feel sad to Pro's slimmer bezels. In my mind, this is way smaller than 8 plus's side&front&bottom bezels.

My recommendation to most of 8 Plus users is this phone. I find myself to switch iPhones in two years (5S, 6S Plus, 8 Plus, 11) usefully and it makes sense to see many changes between them.
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