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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Samberino, Mar 29, 2007.

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    May 27, 2004
    Nearly a year ago, I made 'the swtich' and bought an Apple MacBook Pro (1.83 GHz Core Duo) from the US; along with an Apple Mighty Mouse and an additional gig of RAM from Crucial.

    I recently re-installed OS X Tiger, as I was meaning to do since I bought the machine. There is nothing like a clean install of OS X without the additional languages or apps, which I don't need/use - not that it boggs the system or slows it down (something I couldn't say using my old Windows based PC).

    I felt the need to post this and say: I so love Apple!! Everyday I use my laptop, (being an ex-Windows user) I am ever so appreciative of the little and big things which Apple users have probably taken for granted for years. You don't know just how good you've had it.

    With Apple, I love the way 'it just works'. The hardware, the software - everything, right out of the box, its beautiful. I can't tell you how soothing it it to be working on my machine and not have to hear hard-disk activity in the background for no reason at all, as with my old home PC, and my work PC. The speed at which apps installed, including Office 2004 (which would take something like nearly 45 minutes on my old PC if I were to install), and the simplicity of uninstalling apps is almost laughable - drag to trash :) Only a Mac user would take pics of their machines and unpacking experiences, and I can see why: the machines are sexy and the experience is almost orgasmic.

    MacRumors has been my my browser homepage for the past couple of years, even before I pruchased my MBP, and I cant for the love of me figure out why so many people complain and whine all the time. The displays are beautiful, machines are virtually silent (put a PC laptop next to a Mac, and you will know what I am talking about), the OS is absolutely gorgeous, stable and solid though RAM hungry (which I am not quite complaining about either).

    For me, the number 1 reason to switch to a mac, would be not to have to worry about viruses, spywayre or anti-virus/security software which one has to constantly keep upto date, and is something which (without exaggeration) actually doubled the amount of time taken to boot up my PC. Initially when I got my MBP, I was thinking of dual booting with Windows XP or even using Parallels, but I find I have absolutely no need to do so what so ever. I can honest say I will never go back to a PC, and encourage anyone getting a new machine to go Mac.

    Nearly a year on from my purchase - which in retrospect was not just a purchase, or even a 'swtich', but a lifestyle change - my MBP CD performs blissfully even with multiple apps running and switching back and forth is seamless and not bumpy (yes more bitter Windows experiences). Apple, I love you; will shortly be purchasing a MacBook for my mother who has come to love the ease of use associated with using an Apple Mac. I am one thoroughly satisfied customer!!

    I can't say it enough: Thank You, Thanks You, Thank You!!
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    Same boat as me, about a year.. haven't looked back! I now have three Mac's hehehe
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