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    Warning I posted this message already in the hardware forum because I thought that is where it goes but it appears this isthe correct one. So please excuse my mistake I'm rather new to the mac things and this forum is brand new to me. Any help would be great

    Hi everyone,

    I have been a PC user for years and have always noticed macs from afar and wondered what they would be like. This summer I got to work on one with the new (to me) OS X something and really enjoy the new interface and look over the old 9 something. Ever since then I have been nothing but impressed with some of macs programs such as imove idvd and such, in fact the entire Ilife software package is pulling me towards buying one of these macs among other things.

    I'm a high end amateur photographer who lives in Photoshop CS and do make use of my digital slrs raw files rather frequently. I do batch processing about once a week of about say 50 or so images.
    I have recently started doing some documentaries and have really enjoyed it and would like to use a mac to create these because it just seems easier on mac then pc. For my price range video editing is just for fun not professional in any way so I can't afford the higher end programs such as Premier or Final Cut I just want to enjoy myself with my documentaries about friends and history. I digress, I will never play computer games because I see them as a waste of time and something that could potential crash my computer, anyways I'm a card player not a video gamer.

    So in summary
    I need something that can
    Do lots of work in Photoshop
    Do video editing
    Burn DVDs for those videos

    Here is the computer i currently have
    Notebook Emachine
    AMD Athlon™ XP-M 2400+ / 1.8GHz
    512MB DDR Ram
    40GB Hard Drive
    ATI Mobility RADEON IGP 320M Video
    CD-RW / DVD-ROM Combo Drive

    My major gripe is to small a hard drive, not enough ram and no dvd burner.

    So this is where I'm coming from, although I have now decided I don't like using a notebook and would much rather have a desktop pc, largely because the emachine overheats constantly and is being repaired for that right now.

    I need a complete system with a monitor and mouse and such, as you may have guessed I'm a college student and I do love ebay.

    So far I have found these things out
    The mac mini seems cute, but I'm afriad It will overheat with as much as I run my programs, I also wonder if there is a premium I'm paying for the small size. Is g4 1.2 or 1.4fast?
    How does this compare to one of the older dual processor g4s like the 533 or the 7 or 8 somethings (Im very very new to mac cut me slack.)

    Should I instead try and get low end g5?
    Is there a chart or graph of all the mac processors in real world applications such as Photoshop?

    I also have these other questions

    It seems that apple has different specs on the processors as the speeds change for example sometime the "frontside bus, or l2 cache is bigger as you increase the speeds even in the same product line" in real world application is this a big thing?

    It just seems to me no matter how hard I try the macs seem more expensive then pcs pound for pound. However I'm tired of ****** emachine comptuers that fry (my second one, I know shame on me for going back)

    LCD Monitors are nice but not necessary I would much rather have a larger monitor that is more accurate on color or has a finer dot pitch or something.

    With all this information in mind could someone please help me pick a computer?

    A few last things
    Should I wait for the new emac is it with a g5 or is this simply a rumor?

    I would like to spend between 800-1100 I really can't afford any more.

    Thanks for everything, I hope I will enjoy owning a mac as much as most of you people do onthis forum.

    Thanks again,

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    Cross-posting is frowned upon here. If you posted in a forum by mistake, just reply to your own thread stating that it's a mistake. A mod will move the thread for you.

    There's already several replies to your thread over in the hardware forum. Welcome to MacRumors!

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