Switcher Questions, Preparing for my Mac.

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by milesdavis, Mar 5, 2008.

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    I'm waiting for my MBP, first time on a Mac. I'm hoping to avoid dual booting, and just sticking with OSX, but I have some questions, things I want to prepare for.

    1.) FONTS / Will all my windows fonts work on my Mac? I'm a designer, so this is pretty important. If not, are there alternative programs to get them to work on a Mac, or do find Mac variants?

    2.) PHOTOSHOP PLUG-INS / Are these universal, will Windows Photoshop filters work in Mac Photoshop?

    3.) PRIVACY / In Windows, there are places where you can find your recently accessed documents, internet history, etc. Is this true on a Mac as well, and if so -- are there privacy settings where you can turn things off?

    4.) Internet Explorer -- is there IE for Mac? Need it for testing purposes.

    5.) What are some cool on-line retailers for Mac accessories?

    Thats it so far -- appreciate all your help.

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    1) If they are TrueType or OpenType fonts, yes. Windows Type 1 fonts will not work on a Mac, however.

    2) Not sure on this one, never got any Photoshop plugs besides the built-in ones.

    3) You can tell the recent docs/apps lists to not hold any items. Safari also has a "Private Browsing" mode which will not store anything in history/cache or save cookies, but this has to be invoked on a per-launch basis.

    4) No. You'll need to run Windows in something like Parallels or vmWare Fusion.

    5) I tend to buy peripherals from wherever they're cheapest, personally.
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