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Nov 15, 2010
I have been a Mac user since mid 2010, when I bought in Cincinnati Ohio a macbook pro 13 (Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB RAM 320m). I was a satisfied Windows user, but after my Macbook everything changed. I decided the stick with the mac and recommend macs for all my friends because it was really better than Windows, the truth!


Recently I dropped a glass of Coca-Cola on my mid-2010 mac (fully upgraded to mountain lion, faster hard drive, many apps, etc...). And it is now gone. No startup, no lights...nothing. I am living in Germany now, and prices here are a bit high and notebooks comes with German keyboard layout, not for me. So I decided in a desperate move to buy a cheap desktop and save Money to configure a good macbook in German apple store with US keyboard by the end of the year. I don't want to "loose" all the money that I spent on the Apple app store!!! I bought a Lenovo Q180 (a nettop) for 250 euros. That's an atom processor desktop so to get a little more speed I bought a ssd for another 100 euros. With this budget computer, and a external monitor that I already had, I decided to install Windows 8 on it, since its final version is available through the MSDN program of my university for free. And this changed my old conception about Windows...

I am not going to say here that Windows 8 is better on this or that...no. I believe that does not matter the OS you use, the best OS is the one that makes you get your things done faster on in better way. Does not matter is it is Windows, mac, or Ubuntu...whatever.

For my needs, Windows 8 came up much better than my experience on Mountain Lion. Even in a nettop it is really fast, and only now I realize why I was so angy with adobe Flash when using a mac. This kind of complaint is rare for Windows user. Flash support on macs is ancient. and many other thins....

Although I have been a satisfied mac user for the last 2 years, and after the approximate U$ 300 spent on apps, I am not sure anymore if I am going back to a mac. Windows 8 is great, and the comments about it on the internet specially on mac specialized one (I read a lot of these) are not accurate. I read an opinion on Daring Fireball blog that the Mail app dit not have a "search function". Which is a phenomenal failure! This is not true for example, it has of course.

So my recommendation is to give a try to Windows 8. The only thing is that Apple knows how to make a good hardware. But in my search for a new computer I crossed with really good ones for some manufactures. Again my pre conceived idea that only Apple has the better hardware. Although my 2 years old macbook still looks great,...although it is dead. In my humble opinion the tide may have shift. I will wait for new notebook releases until the end of the year.

I may be banned from this forum because of this post, but it is an honest opinion from a mac user.


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May 28, 2012
I've not tried Mountain Lion (stuck on a Core Duo so I can't upgrade) but I do have Windows 8 running and I can agree that it runs faster than Windows 7.

I run both Windows and Snow Leopard side by side and switch between the two for different needs. I don't agree that you should have one operating system and stick vigorously to it. Use what works best for you.

I would say that Windows 8 is the best version of Windows i've used.


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Feb 22, 2003
New Hampshire, USA
Why the long post ? You should have just said that you tried Windows 8, found out that it's better for you, and are switching back to PCs.

Unless you are being paid by a company to use their products, use the one that's best for you and don't worry what other people will think.


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May 11, 2012
North East US
Interesting. Win 8 is one of the main reasons I'm considering making the switch to Apple. The interface is just horrid and if I'm expected to relearn everything anyway and adjust to new file structures (I'm still on XP) I might as well switch to something where the laptop hardware seems to be slightly better (despite the very limited choices that would work for me). And I've been a loyal Thinkpad user.

None of the choices are ideal given the amount of money involved.


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Aug 17, 2007
Why the long post ? You should have just said that you tried Windows 8, found out that it's better for you, and are switching back to PCs.

Unless you are being paid by a company to use their products, use the one that's best for you and don't worry what other people will think.
Agreed. We all have different needs and wants. If Windows meets your requirements then that is what you should use. It isn't a big deal.


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Feb 25, 2012
NYC NY/Pittsburgh PA
What's a gzh? GaZillion Hertz? ;)
Dang Phone!


Word.. That's been my experience as well.
If you know how to Maintain a system properly, that has not been a problem snice XP. If you don't know how to maintain a system, thats not Microsofts problem.

I've been running 7 for years myself, I have zero slow downs.


Wait what?
Yeah....Apple's tend to be made of mid range PC hardware.


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May 28, 2005
I've installed Windows 7 on my desktop 3 times since it came out. The first time was the first install. the 2nd time was after I downloaded a bad WoW addon and got a keylogger. The 3rd time was after my hard drive (physically) crashed and I bought an SSD.

Now, my PC boots Windows faster than it posts the BIOS. There's no slowdowns with Windows 7 like there was with Windows 98.


Dec 12, 2007
Unless your mac has dual 8cor xeons overclocked to 4.1ghz, 256gb of ram, and 4 Quadro 6000s, no it isn't ;)
....oh an BTW I do know how to maintain a system. Don't fight me over my experiences on Windows. You'll lose. It works for you; which is good; but it didn't work for me, period. Nothing more to say. You win the little battle of whose system is more powerful. Pat yourself on the back and leave it be. And I don't like being patronized about it...
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May 30, 2010
If you buy and download apps from the Mac App/iOS App Store, you can always download them again, whether on the same machine or from a different machine (after signing in). Even if you break a device/experience a crash you can always get the apps back. No need to panic.