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    Feb 26, 2011
    hi guys. im an apple newbie. in fact i've never owned an apple product let alone an ipod. i am interested in getting a new iphone, however i have some reservations. i am currently using an android phone and i love the fact that i can just plug it into my laptop or pc and create folders and drag and drop files in there. it is important for me because i need to sometimes email attachment files for work. can i do this with the iphone or do i need to do some tweaking or install an app for it. i know apple has their own system and standards. although the android has pretty much everything i need because i can careless about itunes and music. however i do want to give the iphone a try. oh also can i charge it by plugging it into a pc like my android? thanks for your help!
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    Feb 13, 2011
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    Yes, the phone charges when connected to your computer.

    One way to do what you're describing is with Dropbox. You could set up a free 2GB Dropbox account which the free Dropbox app can access.

    There are several Apps that can actually store files on the phone...a google search will provide you with numerous options.
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