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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by STiNG Operation, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Hello MR's ppls!

    Any carrier savvy people out there that can answer a carrier switch question please? My mother and I are planning to switch to Verizon on the weekend of the 18th from ATT. We both have iPhone's with ATT out of contract, I have a 5 she has a 4s.

    The main question is, is it possible to pre-order the new iPhone while switching to Verizon?? Or would we have to wait until the phone actually comes out?

    Also if you're feeling talkative, would you recommend we look into the upgrade program or stick with our 2 year contract way of doing things? We upgrade every 2-3 years. (I'm guessing the upgrade program would add extra cost)

    Thank you for any help on this:)
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    Sep 15, 2014
    I'm wondering the same things... I did see this on Apple's website:

    Because the iPhone Upgrade Program isn’t tied to a single carrier, you don’t need a multiyear service contract. If you don’t have any carrier commitments, you’re free to select a new carrier or stick with the one you have. A Specialist can answer questions and help you set your iPhone up the way you like.

    From this page:
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    You may set up a new account with VZW with the pre-order; it will simply be a longer process (and probably more of a laggy/latent headache with the servers being swamped with pre-orders). You will set up a new account and port your numbers.

    I would poke around on VZW's website and do a chat with a customer service rep for more info. I've found the online reps are FAR more knowledgable and helpful than phone or in-store reps.

    Unfortunately, the 2-year contract won't be available to you, as both ATT & VZW are doing away with 2-year contracts and phone subsidies for new customers. Your choices will be
    • New Verizon plan & purchase phones at full-price.
    • New Verizon plan & "finance" phones by making interest free payments on your bill every month (price of phone/24 months).
    • Verizon pre-paid plan & purchase phones at full-price.
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    I would encourage you to take a look at this though:
    It's VZW incentive to switch from ATT, and might save you a little money.

    Finally, PM sent. Check your inbox.
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    Thank you for this detailed and informative post! I was not aware they did away with the contracts but I appreciate the heads up. Interesting about the VZW plans, I wonder if it's the same or a better idea to do an upgrade program to just get a new iphone every year(if vzw even does that like att).

    And again thank you for the link regarding the trade in switch to potentially save some money. I'm def going to look into this!
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    Mar 13, 2012
    Best thing to do when switching over and to avoid any hassle is to order the new handset and services first but do not transfer your number/s yet.

    Once you receive your handsets and are satisfied, give Verizon a call and they will switch them over for you without a problem.
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    Aug 1, 2015
    Verizon and AT&T phones are usually locked to the type of network that each carrier has as the two companies run different frequencies (GSM v CDMA). Verizon has now started selling phones unlocked as part of their change where you either buy the phone on a financing plan (where you can buy another phone after the first is at least 75% paid off) or buy full price outright.
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    Verizon iphones have been unlocked since the ip5. That's not new.

    What is new is that you can bring your iphone to Vzw from another carrier

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