Switching from full stack web to native iOS.

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Branda22, Feb 19, 2018.

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    I've been a full stack web developer for 3 years now. But I realized I really enjoy iOS development. I enjoy OO programing and strict languages. Is native development still a good career to get into? All I hear now is Progressive web apps and React Native! How do people switch tech stacks without starting over? I really want to become an iOS engineer but I'm afraid no one will look at me since I have zero pro iOS experience.

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    I can't predict the future that well. I'll say that from Apple's perspective they will be preferring native development for a long time. Many companies believe that web apps/hybrid apps etc save them money. I don't like to work places like that.

    Switching technologies is something you're going to be doing over and over in your career. OTOH every hiring manager has a list of twenty technologies he wants you to be expert on (even if he doesn't know what they all are). The way you switch is the way you learn to swim. Jump in. The best case is if your present company puts you on a new project where you learn the new tech from an expert. Failing that you need to do it on your own.
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    in my country there is a strong tendency towards tools as ionic and react native...
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    In my experience, you don't need pro employment experience on your resume if you have one or more quality native apps in the iOS App store. Some recent Swift source code solving non-trivial issues posted on GitHub or in your blog adds bonus points.

    IMO, Apple will always emphasize native over portable app coding (they first add all the new cool iOS features only for native tooling). Average revenue per customer is higher for native iOS apps than for almost anything else; and the smart employers follow the money.

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