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    Hey there guys I need some advice and short but simple explanation on transferring iTunes backups from a windows PC to a mac.

    My gf has this old clunker of a laptop (windows) that just isn't worth salvaging and she is considering to switch over to mac OS. My only fear is she has synced and backed up the phone on the windows iTunes version, will the iPhone need to be reformatted if its plugged into mac version?

    I may have her get a newer windows computer instead if that is the case since somehow the HD storage of this laptop is apparently full and she can't literally put anything else on the computer. No backs ups, upload a photo etc; I may just have her use an external hard drive to open some space and delete the files so she can do a back up.

    If we turn on iCloud for her phone will it back up all the major essentials?
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    iOS devices are not dependent on any certain format or OS of their host computer so you're fine there.

    Also a Mac will read an NTFS formatted volume. So if you move files to an external drive the Mac will be able to read it and copy it over. Though it won't write to it. ExFat will work on both however.

    It's always a good idea to have an iCloud backup too, it'll backup the phone as is. Though you only get 5GB for free. I turn off camera roll backup and everything else fits for me. Mostly messages data I'm concerned about ad my photos go to my Mac or to Google Photos (free photo storage and backup).

    There should be no issues moving from PC to Mac with an iPhone.
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    She should use Windows Migration Assistant to move everything of value from her PC to a Mac, including her iTunes library. If you buy the Mac at an Apple store, they may be willing to assist with this, free of charge.
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    Thanks for the advice, I recalled years ago that attempting to back up iOS device on two different computers caused a need to reformat so that's what I based it on. Sound like this is going to be pretty painless now. Thanks!
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    You may be thinking of the older iPods which were formatted to whatever platform you were using them on.

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