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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by GluedOnBeard, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Aug 30, 2013

    I bought a rMBP 15" last year and in all honestly I probably didn't need it but I did intend for this to run some games at that point as well. Now I don't really need that as I am only playing games on consoles now.

    I mostly do Web Development but will probably be using things like UDK and iOS dev in the future and I was wondering what would be best to switch to. I've played around with a few ideas but not too sure just how much raw computing power or graphical power I will need, or indeed screen real estate.

    I was thinking maybe just a dual core i5 mac mini would do the job paired with either a 24" or 27" cinema display as I need the webcam and microphone or maybe even a macbook air but that has serious memory and space limitations.

    I am mostly town between the 27" Imac and the Mac Mini route coupled with a 24 or 27 (Not 100% I really need all of the real estate of the 27 or that it is worth the investment at this point as 27" monitors are starting to become popular), I am trying to save money now as I don't want to overspend like I did on the rMBP pro so I am trying to make everything come together for about 1100 all in. Not really sure what I will get for my Macbook.

    All opinions are appreciated, thanks.
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    As to screen space I say you can never have too much. :)

    As to the Mac Mini v.s. iMac question it really depends on your needs when it comes to graphics. Processor-wise you can get a Mac Mini that has just about as much processor power. As a web developer if you are mostly doing coding and the like, then the Mac Mini with a big screen should be fine. If you are going to be doing any sort of serious graphics with your web development, then the iMac is preferable.

    My guess is the mini will be the best bang for your buck. You can save some money if you get a 24" Dell Monitor, and if you don't go with an UltraSharp you could get two 24" monitors (S or E series).

  3. GluedOnBeard thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 30, 2013
    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I was thinking about the Dell monitors but if I go that route then I would have to get a webcam on top of that. I am not sure what the speakers are like on the 24" cinema display so that may have to factor in too.

    I generally take templates from designers and organize them and do work in Photoshop for my own projects. I was more concerned if I was developing a game for iOS or using the Unreal Development Kit if the mini would be up to the task.
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    Would keeping the rMBP and getting a larger second screen not suffice? You should have more than enough resources for iOS & web development, plus the ability to work whilst on the move if required (obviously without the second screen).

    UDK is only available for Windows so you'll need bootcamp and a copy of Windows whichever option you decide to go for. In my mind that would be the only negative in using the rMBP as the disk space can be limiting depending on which configuration you have.

    Edit: Just to add, looking at the UDK Sys Reqs and user posts on the UDK forums the Mac Mini may run the UDK editor but how well and for how long are questionable, due to the Intel integrated graphics.
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    Aug 30, 2013
    That is another reason I forgot to mention, I need more space on the actual internal drive for that very reason.

    In an ideal situation maybe I would keep my rmbp but it is simply too much for what I need so I would like to recoup some money to go towards something in the process too, hence why my budget is a little lower than the sale price.

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