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Feb 14, 2012

Due to the recent price increase on Spotify in my country, I've decided to cancel my account and switch to Apple Music. Additionally, I'm excited about being able to listen to my tracks in Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio. I've come across several apps that claim to help with playlist migration between platforms, such as Freeyourmusic, Soundiiz, Tunemymusic, songShift, and Switcheroo, among others. However, I'm unsure if any of these apps can transfer playlists to Apple Music while ensuring that the tracks are in Spatial Audio, if available.

I tried using SongShift, but the playlists it generated on Apple Music didn't include Spatial Audio, even though most of the tracks were available in that format. I'm seeking advice or tips from anyone who might have experience with these apps and successfully automatically migrated playlists with Spatial Audio/Atmos output.

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Dec 31, 2009
SongShift works well for me. As far as spatial audio goes, that gets set in your Music prefs rather than the transfer app.


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Feb 16, 2018
Yes, I used Songshift also to switch from Spotify to Apple Music a few months ago. I don’t think it’s relevant if it had spacial audio in Spotify (I didn’t even think Spotify had that feature). If the song is available in spacial audio in Apple Music, you should have it.

In fact, if it had spacial in Spotify but Apple Music doesn’t offer, than you’ll lose it no matter what you do, is my presumption.
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