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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Sonoran, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Apr 29, 2007
    I am several months away until I can ditch Sprint & move to AT&T & iPhone so I am doing my research. I have several questions.

    I currently have a Treo 650, Mac Pro & Office for Mac 2004 (with Entourage). I use The Missing Synch for Palm OS to synch all my 'stuff'.

    1. Will I be able to synch my calendar, contacts & email between the Mac Pro & iPhone without using The Missing Synch?

    2. I currently am using POP3 for my email. I have read that IMAP is recommended for the iPhone. What is that? I have heard of it but don't know the advantages.

    3. What is all the talk about a possible 3G iPhone coming in 2008? What are the hoped for advantages? My Sprint contract ends in September, I think so I may be in luck.

    Thanks. I am sure I will have more ??? as I go along.
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    Jun 9, 2007
    Sync* :)
    I'm not sure about Mac Pro, so i won't be able to answer that.

    IMAP is pretty much the same as POP3, except when get your mail on your iPhone, it will also show as read in your inbox on your computer. If you delete an email on your IMAP phone, it will also delete from your inbox as well.
    With POP3, even if you delete / read your email on your phone, it will still be in your inbox on your computer / when you check mail.

    Personally, i doubt the 3G iPhone will be out this year. I expect Summer 2009.
    But that is my guess, and i could be wrong. The next iPhone should have some great improvements over the current iPhone. Apple wouldn't release a phone that only has minor updates. It has to be something like 3G, GPS, more storage, better camera, etc.
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    iTunes does this with both Entourage and iCal/Address Book.

    POP3 works just fine on the iPhone, but it doesn't remove messages from the server, so if you connect from another computer the messages will always show up there. IMAP is similar to POP3, but the messages and status are always stored on the server, a message read on the iPhone will be viewable on another computer, but will appear as having been read.

    The only adavantage of a 3G iPhone is faster Internet access over the at&t network and the ability to surf the web and make/recieve calls at the same time, without using wi-fi.


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