Switching HDD and SSD between 17" MBPs

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by aminadab, Jul 23, 2010.

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    I'm sure this has been answered somewhere, but the keywords I'm using aren't turning up helpful search requests.

    Short story short: My GF had her macbook fail on her three times; we exercised CA's lemon law and Apple agreed to replace the machine with a current model. We're upgrading to the i5 17" MBP. She's kind enough to give me the new one for my 2.8GHz last generation 17". A decent performance upgrade for me, I hope.

    Now, I've outfitted my 17" with an Intel SSD and have been using it with much satisfaction and I want to transfer it to the new i5 17".

    Of course I won't just simply swap the drives and turn the machines on. I figure that I should switch both drives and do a clean install of OS X.

    Seems simple enough, but I figured I'd run this by you guys to make sure I'm not missing anything. For instance, to I need to reformat the SSD and the stock HDD that will come with the i5? I don't really care about aeroing out the SSD or doing complicated procedures to try to regain its original speed -- it's been plenty fast and I've not really noticed any degradation.

    Thanks for any help.
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    If there are some files you want to save, back them up as erasing HD erases everything. Otherwise, just boot from the install disc and open Disk Utility from menu bar and erase the HD/SSD

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