Switching My iPhone to Another Machine - Windows to Mac OSX

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    So, I'm writing this because this process didn't seem immediately clear for me, and going through with it felt a bit much like a leap of faith than a clear recipe for success. If anyone wants to add anything, experiences, corrections, please feel free.

    Basically, I had a Windows XP Dell and Mac G4, and recently purchased a new iMac (and there was much rejoicing). I'd been encountering a problem however. I wanted to switch my iPhone from my PC onto my Mac (as I was using it more and more after upgrading to Tiger). Every time I tried to move it over (Windows XP -> Mac G4), I would get a horrible error from iTunes. I believe the error was: "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because of an unknown error (0xE8000001)". On the Mac, after showing the error, the iPhone would still appear in iTunes, but if I disconnected it, and then reconnected it... from that point on, the iPhone would NEVER appear in iTunes again (although iPhoto would happily pull new photos). A new installation or upgrade of iTunes would "reset" this "one shot" opportunity, but it would follow the same pattern of being useless.

    While the iPhone showed up during the first connect, after the error, it gave me the message that read: "The iPhone “[iPHONE NAME]” is synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes library?" When presented with this message, I thought "HELL NO!" (thinking that simply "erasing" the phone would force me to lose everything except the phone number and basic settings... losing my recent calls and SMS text history, still backed up on my PC) but, after getting my new iMac the same message appear again, and presented itself as the only option forward. And so I used it.

    To my surprise, it then presented a request that made ALL the difference! The next message presented the following option: "Do you want to back up the settings for the iPhone “^1” before restoring the software?".

    It backed everything up, restored the device as usual, and put everything back where it found it... with the exception that THIS time, it would work with my Mac's library. Except, clicking on the iPhone after the entire process was finished, gave me a similar message as before, about the phone being synced to a different library. I accepted what it said, but this time, the phone wasn't restored, it seemingly just "reset" something. Clicking the different tabs in the iPhone's iTunes area produced the error again, but again, it died without a whimper after being "Ok'ed". Having backed up an iPhone previously connected to a PC, I imagine it needed to reset some of the iTunes files on the phone now as the final step.

    With my iPhone now fully bonded to my new Mac's iTunes. I began moving my music from my Windows computer and then syncing it to my iPhone with no troubles.

    One interesting note. I subsequently attached my iPhone to my PC again this morning, and its iTunes 7.5 doesn't seem to have a problem with it AT ALL. To test this, I tried the least destructive thing, and told it to sync my podcasts and photos. After the sync, my new podcasts and images were right there on the phone alongside the music that had been synced through my Mac. I brought my phone back to my Mac, and I could see the new podcasts perfectly (although as usual, I couldn't play the media through iTunes as past iPods could).

    It would seem the same was true for music, etc... with the only caveat being that "syncing" is the process of deleting and copying. If I ever decide to "sync" photos on my Mac, I'll lose the photos put in from my PC. Similarly, when I sync my Mac's podcasts, all the PC podcasts wil be removed beforehand.

    When Apple eventually restores the ability to manually manage media through iTunes, theoretically Mac-attached iPhones seem uniquely able to bridge the two platforms with complaint, or perhaps restoring an iPhone synced to a PC from a Mac (or maybe any different machine) gave my iPhone a unique ability to go between both without complaining.

    ~ CB
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    same problem error 0xe8000001 on a g4 with usb 1. I even restored and it brought up the same error. Normally itunes just crashes.

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